Guide to Yoga No OM Zone

by Bibbi on May 27th, 2011

Kimberly Fowler is a well-known Los Angeles-based yoga teacher. She is the founder of the Yoga and Spinning (YAS) Fitness Centers in LA and has made several yoga workout DVDs, including Yoga for Athletes. Her mission, as the book’s subtitle makes plain, is to make yoga accessible to those who are uncomfortable with chanting, granola, and Sanskrit.

Famed yoga rebel-with-a-cause, Kimberly Fowler’s practical guide to the ancient art has hit the bookstands. The No OM Zone: No Chanting, No Granola, No Sanskrit and companion workout DVD furthers her mission to take the mystery and intimidation out of yoga for those still leery of the practice and to welcome newcomers, introducing them to a fun and fulfilling practice.

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