Linda McCartney’s World of Vegetarian Cooking by Linda McCartney

by Bibbi on July 26th, 2013

Book Description
Now in paperback, Linda McCartneys World of Vegetarian Cooking presents international menus that follow in the healthful and delicious tradition of the bestseller Lindas Kitchen. Linda McCartneys World of Vegetarian Cooking uncovers the pleasure of eating fresh vegetables and other meat-free foods beautifully cooked and imaginatively prepared with the herbs and spices of countries around the world. From Green Jade Soup from China to Asparagus and Herb Risotto from Provence, the 260 recipes include distinctive ingredients from Europe, Mexico, Asia, India, and North America. Each recipe is personalized by Lindas comments and accompanied by wonderful photos. This is a cookbook that will provide incredible variety for the vegetarian cook as well as refreshing new options for anyone who wants a healthy and tasty meal. Linda McCartney on Tour, the hardcover version of Linda McCartneys World of Vegetarian Cooking, was a nominee for the 1999 Jacobs Creek World Food Media Award in the category for the best hardcover recipe book. Linda McCartney was famously committed to vegetarianism, a cause that her family continues to support publicly.

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