Yoga in Bed by Naomi Sophia Call

by Bibbi on February 21st, 2012

Full colour, 92 colour photographs, 80 pages paperback with semi-concealed wire-O binding + bonus DVD

Sometimes it feels too hard to pull yourself out of bed and work out, so many of us just don’t bother. But now there’s a perfect way to start your day, with Naomi Call’s Yoga In Bed. There’s no need to squeeze into your exercise gear or drive over to the gym. Your yoga studio is warm and cosy.

So, stretch out with one of the twenty stretches and postures presented in the book and in the dvd, and follow the simple directions and clear photographs. If you’re a newcomer to yoga you’ll find Yoga In Bed has been designed to help you achieve and maintain an enjoyable form of exercise that can fit into any busy life. Plus, the book has useful information on breathing, nutrition and relaxation.
A blissfull night’s sleep deserves to be followed by Yoga In Bed — the perfect transition to prepare body, mind and spirit for whatever the coming day will hold.

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