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The View Fiasco and a Vegan caught in the middle.

by on Saturday, May 26th, 2007

“The View” is one of those shows where you watch it because you like one (or more) of the hosts or in this case hostesses. I watched when Meredith Viera was on and when Rosie O’Donnell took over last September, i was fine with the move, even looked forward to it, as Rosie always has something to say about anything even remotely controversial. (for starters bush, Iraq, fat people, gays, etc) I don’t have a problem with Rosie, i do have a problem with her co-host Elizabeth Hassellbeck as she comes across as holier than Marcia Brady. Her sanctimonious and self-righteous baloney really gets on my nerves at times, and this week it went too far with her not defending her Hollywood galpal, Rosie. She could and should have defended Rosie earlier this week when the media as usual snarped at Rosie for, yet again, “being anti-American”. If it weren’t for “The View”, no one would even know of Elizabeth Hassellbeck, and instead of being grateful and humble for this lucky twist in her career, she has turned into quite a belladonna. As of today it was reported that Rosie has officially resigned as co-host, and will not be returning to The View, caught in the middle of this nasty cat fight, was Alicia Silverstone (of clueless fame) who is a strict and vocal vegan, who apparently snubbed Hassellbeck on Wednesdays show, probably because she is anti-stupid people and did not appreciate the way Elizabeth carried on against Rosie.

Happy National Vegetarian Week from Veggie-Blogs

by on Sunday, May 20th, 2007

In honor of National Vegetarian Week, i have prepared a new worksheet detailing major nutrients and the corresponding vegetable or fruit source. The idea came to me primarily to help new vegetarians stick with the diet, as it can be hard at first, if one doesn’t plan their meals correctly and or doesn’t vary their menu to satisfy the required daily amount of necessary nutrients. N.V.W starts on Monday May 21 and runs through May 27th. Visit the Vegetarian Society for more details. If my worksheet is helpful to you, please feel free to leave me a comment about it. Happy N.V.M. to all.

Funny Vegetarian Quotes and Carrie Underwood Cosmetics?

by on Saturday, May 19th, 2007

If you type these two phrases in a Yahoo search, veggie-blog pops right up near the top of the list, funny how search engines work, right? I haven’t a clue what cosmetics Carrie Underwood uses or wears, but Yahoo got it half-right, i do have some funny broccoli quotes.

I love seeing how people find my blog, where they come from, and what words they use to get here, i’m such a geek! I’ll have to find out what cosmetics Carrie Underwood uses.

Are those shoes vegetarian? need a vegan chocolate fix? and meet a student artist.

by on Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

If you need a chocolate boost (and who doesn’t), this site based in Texas, offers up delectable, delicious, and cruelty-free cocoa concoctions which are also affordable priced, a 9 ounce box (16 pieces) of Vegan Belgian Mints will set you back all of $24.95 with free shipping. Can you say awesome you can find some sweet shoes, sandals, flops, heels, and even gym shoes that are earth-friendly, animal-friendly, and are super super cute, too.

My weekly blogger mention goes to in cinq. Aside from being in the club (a/k/a is a vegetarian), she is a university student and as a part of an art project, created a blog, in which she chronicles others who submit self-portrait sand they “reveal themselves in a 9-word cinquain poem. This week there is a guy from outer space, a guy from Princeton, a guy in a brown sofa, and a girl far far away. The collection is really neat and very revealing. You can also submit you own self-portrait. I think i will contribute mine, i’ll post back a mention when i do.

Come back tomorrow for more quirky new product mentions. Missy.

Vegetarianism takes three steps back. Mars chocolate bars will now have animal product in them.

by on Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

The makers of the popular chocolate bar Mars, have sadly decided to add rennet which comes from calves stomach. When i first read this, aside from making me sick, it really felt like a major step back in time. What an unprogressive move by such a mammoth company. What kind of precedence does this set for other chocolate makers? What is the benefit to this move, besides profit? Will others now get on the bandwagon? Sad indeed.