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Christina Aguilera Caught Naked Again!

by on Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Except this time it’s for the animal activists at PETA.

Christina Aguilera has bared it all for the animal rights group PETA, for an upcoming Christmas ecard. It’s part of the larger campaign to end fur use and Christina wants to spread the message that buying fur and wearing fur sucks!

Christina who has been vegetarian since the age of 15, joins the ranks of Pamela Anderson and Alicia Silverstone who have also showed up with their birthday suits for a good cause.

I coudn’t find a picture of the X-Mas ecard, but as soon as i do, i will post it for you to see.

Photo: [Flickr]

As a vegetarian, do i need to take vitamin supplements?

by on Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

This is a good question and one i often see in online forums and message boards. I myself do take a multi-vitamin daily and have since before becoming a vegetarian, as i feel sometimes, on certain days, i may not eat a balanced meal. So the vitamin supplement makes for up for incomplete, lost, or missed nutrients. Vitamin B-12 is one, vegans (those that do not consume dairy), need to be especially mindful of, as it is only found in animal-based protein. On my research for this entry on Vitamin B 12, i found this article that does a good job of explaining the importance and also the consequences of a Vitamin B12 deficiency, the author states that “it would be better for the lactose-ovo-vegetarian to rely on low-fat dairy products for their source of B12. Vegetarians who use a B12 supplement should ensure that it contains an active form of the vitamin-namely, cyanocobalamin or hydrodynamical”. A B12 supplement of five micrograms taken daily is probably adequate. Some suggest that B12 supplements should be thoroughly chewed for better absorption.”

Vegan Croquettes

by on Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Save-This-Recipe Round-Up – Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

Oh my deliciousness, Fat Free Vegan asked her readers a few weeks ago, to try and make some Pumpkin Croquettes, but to replace the pumpkin with some other ingredient. The entries piled in and some juicy delish creations were chanelled. Including a red beans and rice croquette, a Southern black-eyed pea croquette, a Thai peanut croquette, and over a dozen more. Really interesting mix of ingredients were chosen.

Visit the vegan croquettes page to see them all, pics and recipes included.

Join the Train of 10 Fun Facts About Broccoli

by on Saturday, November 10th, 2007

If i get a ton of responses, i will do a follow-up post and feature your contributions with a link to your blog. How cool is that? I also plan to do more fun facts on a variety of vegetables. Stay tuned.

Also, are you in my top spots? I added a top spot section to the blog, for one buck, you can have your blog or site, listed for 30 days. This is an easy way to support Veggie-Blogs.

What fun facts do you have about Broccoli?