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Papaya good fruit to make your digestion system works well

by on Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Papaya is the best fruit for anyone who needs to lose weight. It works very well with the digestion system which means it will make you go to toilet very often. When you feel hungry, instead of eating normal food like hamburger, bread or rice, eat the papaya instead.

Besides from its quality, it is also cheap compare with any other fruits or food you always buy. It can guarantee by many girls and work so well on them as well. If you never eat papaya before, you should try. I tried it several times and it works with me so well especially in the first few days I ate them. It’s not making you feel pain like when you have diarrhea but make your digestion works well as normal people are supposed to. Normally people’s digestions don’t work very well because they are lack of fruits like papaya. Don’t worry if you go to toilet often but make sure it’s not too often or make you powerless not even can walk like being diarrhea but I’m sure papaya doesn’t hurt you like that. It’s good for health and also can lose weight if you know how to use it.

For people who need to lose weight, it doesn’t mean that you can eat papaya after your big meal and you will lose weight. Papaya is not working as the poison pill which makes you pooping all the time but just make your digestion works well. So don’t misunderstanding about that, you just should eat less than before and fill your stomach with papaya instead.

How can people eat human flesh?

by on Monday, January 28th, 2008

Just saw a very scary movie on UBC television. It was a movie I guessed based on the true story about the guys that met on the internet and one eat the other.
The movie ended when he run out of meat but I we all have seen in the media what really happened.

I really do not understand what you can for pleasure of eating another human being or being eaten. But I can not even understand how people can eat even meat balls.

The movie is maybe good for the veggie movement because people will feel so bad that they stop eating meat when they see him cooking the human flesh and then eating it.

If you have seen the movie or seen it on other Media let me know I want to hear your opinion.

Support Animal rights

by on Monday, January 21st, 2008

Even you are not a vegetarian, you can still support and stop the animal tests. Animal tests normally occurs in case there are some companies need to launch the new products and want to make sure that it will not harm people but take the animals as the victim instead. 

The animal tests can show that animals’ lives mean nothing to someone and they don’t care that if the animals die as long as they get the benefits.  You can support by stop buying the product which had animal tests.

I totally against on the animal tests on cosmetic because.  If you have bad skin and bad health, there are not any cosmetic brands to help you out with that.  Beauty comes from inside, eat good food which will nourish your health and your skin.  It affects to your whole body and you will look beautiful even without makeup.  Being a vegetarian can help too, vegan can lose weight; get fresh skin and more energy. 

I still buy cosmetic, don’t get me wrong. But it should do nothing with animal.  And just want you to realize that before you consider to buy the expensive one cosmetic, look at the way you eat and change it to be better.


Vegan foods for Pregnancy

by on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Pregnant lady who is a vegetarian can still be a vegetarian while they are pregnant. Just to make sure that the pregnancy gets enough nutrition fact which the pregnancy is supposed to have. And all nutrition food can find in vegan food as well.
Since you are pregnant, make sure that you have:

An addition 300 calories per day,

10 – 14 grams of protein,

Vitamin 12 used to tissue synthesis,

Iron which is used to form baby’s blood and increase maternal blood volume,

Calcium/Vitamin D which the pregnancy should get at least 4 or more servings a day which the pregnancy can find in green leafy vegetable, tofu, soymilk and orange juice.

Zinc, which is used for growth and development. It can be found in peas, beans, brown rice.

Folate, normally even non pregnant lady still need it at least 400 microgram a day but 600 microgram for pregnancy. It can be found in Dark green leafy vegetable, whole grain and orange juice.

Pregnancy should make sure that they will get all these nutrition everyday for the benefits both for mom and the kid. It’s the wrong idea that pregnancy should quit of being a vegan as long as the pregnancy has enough nutrition facts which all of them can be found in vegan foods.

Figure out what kind of vegetarian you are

by on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

There are several types of vegetarians, figure out what kind of vegetarian you are or if you are not vegetarian but interested to be. Here are the alternatives:

1. Vegan – this type of vegetarian is the strictest one. They will not eat any kind of meat or animals also the food which contains with animals product like eggs or cheese. They are totally 100% free from animals.

They also don’t use anything in their which have the death of the animals involves like crocodile bag, fox scarf, the experimental on animals for cosmetics and others. If all people in the world become a vegan, there will be 100% right on animals. Most of the vegan has been inspired from the love in animals and they feel that they make a sin by eating animals.
2. Fruitarian – is the group of people who eat only fruit and vegetable which are already classified as fruit and vegetable such as banana, mango, avocado and others.
3. Raw or Living Food Diet – a group of people who eat raw food without cooking. They believe that the process of cooking like fry, boil, steam and others will lessen the nutrition of the vegetable. But there is an exception for some kind of vegetables which are needed to be cooked in order to be easy to digest but mostly they eat raw.
4. Lacto Ovo Vegetarian – a group of people who don’t eat meat but eat eggs and milk.
5. Lacto Vegetarian – is almost the same with Lacto Ovo Vegetarian but they just only don’t eat eggs or any foods which contain with eggs. They drink milk also.
6. Macrobiotics – this kind of vegetarians is mostly for someone who needs to be diet. They don’t eat any meats but seafood. Most of the vegetables they eat are the vegetable which has contain no sugars and carbohydrate.