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Tasty Veggie burgers

by on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Did you know that you can eat a tasty burger without eating meat at all? Well I can tell you that you can and I can ensure you that they taste betters than a meat burger. You can make these tasty burgers in many ways, for example with nuts, potatoes, soy, vegetables, mushrooms and eggs. I can guarantee a very tasty result which we blow away your average meat burger. Not are you eating healthier but you also protect animals and support the environment. Veggie burgers are not a new invention because the first veggie burgers were actually made way back in 1982 so next time when you feel hungry for a burger try a veggie burger. Now you can even buy them at Burger King.

Skinny Bitch and Vegan

by on Sunday, April 20th, 2008

The skinny bitches who wrote “skinny bitch” have now sold over 850,000 copies of their diet veggie book. They also report that Victoria Beckham has bought the book so if she bought the book it has to be good right?

They have now made a sequel to their first book called skinny bitch in the kitch. This book is also doing well and despite the ridicules name the book actually sells very good. The books show you healthy veggie recipes and talks about how bad the average person is eating today. So if your belly is getting big and you feel like going veggie style all the way, you better read these books first.

Paul McCartney talks about vegans

by on Friday, April 11th, 2008

Paul McCartney was recently interviewed by ITN News about how veganism can help saving the planet. Did you know that Paul McCartney has been a veggie for over 30 years now? He however claims that the US has now admitted cattle rearing are devastating the planet. He wants people to listen and understand. Paul McCartney’s wife is also a veggie and according to Paul, his wife managed to turn the whole family into veggies!

Paul also talks about that being a veggie is clearly better for your health and claims that if humans not start to change the way they eat there will be catastrophic for the planet. Paul’s firs thought is about the children of the future because if we continue like this it could be harmful to them.

The Veggie Test

by on Monday, April 7th, 2008

Do you feel like you might want to be a veggie? Or maybe you want to try something different and be a part of something to save the future of earth’s animal life. If you ever think about these things you should take the step and be a man and try to be a veggie. I know many people love to eat meat but now in 2008 we actually have so many vegetable and veggie products that we feel we don’t need meat anymore. The veggie test goes like this. Ask yourself if you want the earth to have a long life. Then ask yourself if you want your children to grow up in a nice environment, for the last questions you have to ask yourself “would I give up meat to save the future of the earth’s climate problem and my children”. If you answer yes to these questions or even just to one of them I recommend that you become a veggie.

What is Vegatism?

by on Monday, April 7th, 2008

Vegatism is a philosophy that says people should not hurt animals in any way. This is like a lifestyle of the vegans who choose to live their life without using any products that comes from animals, like milk, eggs, meat, cheese, etc. Vegans also don’t use clothes which are made from animal skin or make-up and stuff like that which has been tested on animals. Vegans eat however a lot of soy products to gain proteins and of course a lot of vegetables. The average Vegan is also healthier than the average non-vegan. This is because a vegan eats a lot better food then a guy who eat his lunch at Burger King etc.