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The benefits of Carrot

by on Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

There are loads of reasons why you need to eat carrot and carrot is one of the food that the vegan always eat as well.

The benefits of carrot are:
1. It’s good for your eye, enriching your eyes to see things clearer.
2. If you need to have vitamin A or beta carotene to your body, you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying the expensive vitamin pills but just eating carrot.
3. Carrot juice has anti-carcinogen properties so when your kids ask for the pepsi or coke next time, give them the carrot juice instead.
4. Carrot can slow down the aging processing because it contains with beta carotene which is also known as anti-oxidant.
5. Good for skin, girls.

There might be some other benefits about carrot, don’t hesitate to spread your knowledge about vegetables here.

Keep on eating vegetarian food

by on Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

It is a hard time for vegetarians that have rice as the biggest food source. The price of rice has gone up really quick the last the last month. Some say the price have gone up to quick to be normal and blaming investors to play with the price to make money.

But still eating vegetarian food is way better for you and other people since you spend so much less resources when making vegetarian food.

Keep on eating vegetarian it can help other people starving in other places and it makes you feel good and healthy as well.

Home Made Veggie Burger

by on Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Did you know that you can eat a tasty burger without eating meat at all? Well I can tell you that you can and I can ensure you that they taste betters than a meat burger. You can make these tasty burgers in many ways, for example with nuts, potatoes, soy, vegetables, mushrooms and eggs. I can guarantee a very tasty result which we blow away your average meat burger. Not are you eating healthier but you also protect animals and support the environment. Veggie burgers are not a new invention because the first veggie burgers were actually made way back in 1982 so next time when you feel hungry for a burger try a veggie burger. now you can even buy them at Burger King.

Free Carbohydrate and sugar diet

by on Thursday, May 8th, 2008

I used to gain weight up to 12 kilos and I can lost 12 kilos that I gained within 3 months, what can I do? I stopped eating carbohydrate and sugar. It’s exactly the rule of Atkin, Atkin rule is that if you want to diet and lose weight, you have to stop eating carbohydrate and sugar because carbohydrate is the food nutrition which will give you the energy to do things but since you stop eating it, the body will use the fat in your body while you’re doing the activities instead.

The pros are that you can lose the weight very fast and I can eat some other things I want like steam chicken or anything except carbohydrate and sugar. But the cons are that I feel tired all the time, I feel like I have no energy and I walk like a zombie. Anyhow, after losing weight with the Atkin’s rule, you have to be careful not to come back and eat a lot of carbohydrate, otherwise you will gain weight back again very fast because your body hasn’t got the carbohydrate for long time, so they will absorb it and keep it to your body.

Anyway, many nutritionists claim that atkin’s rule is not good for health and they think diet is very easy by just not eating more calories than you’re losing it by doing activities.

Why Japanese people have long lives

by on Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Japanese people have long lives because of their good eating habits. The people of Japan live love lives and have a low rate of heart disease. So we will find out what Japanese food is and what the eating habit of them is.

Japanese food is mainly containing with rice and soup. In every meal of Japanese people will contain with rice and soup. The three main ingredients of the Japanese soup are Shitake mushroom, dried bonito and kelp. Besides from rice and soup, Japanese people also eat the side dish which is containing with tofu, salad, seafood and meat.

Beverage is also important and Japanese people love to drink sake. Sake is the Japanese whiskey in which the ingredients are rice and mochi. Sake should be consumed soon after the production in order to maintain the quality of the nutrition. One more popular beverage of Japanese people is tea. Japan is the country who plants the tea and exporting to other countries. Japan is popular in the quality tea and Japanese people always drink it.