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How to get rid of stress

by on Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Stress is the most common symptom which can harm people’s health and it’s the no.1 symptom in the world which causes people to be sick. But before we get rid of the stress, we have to know first why we get stress, for me I get stress from work and I think other people are same as me. Nothing can cause stress to people more than working. Work always comes with problem and when you go to see the doctor, they say the same that you have to stop working if you don’t want to worsen your health but no one can do that. We can’t stop working if we want to provide our living.

Since we can’t stop working, we have to find other way to get rid of stress. First we have to know that the stress occurs between the person and the environment surrounding you. Stress can affect both physical strength and general health. The most basic thing which you can do to get rid of stress is that taking a deep breath and taking a break at least 5 minutes in every hour.

The nationality which have most stress due to work is Japanese people, they work very hard if compare with other nationalities but they are still the group of people who live longer than the people from other nationalities. Why can they do that? We will find out in next post.