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The Practice of the Six Yogas of Naropa by Glenn H. Mullin

by on Friday, January 13th, 2012

The Tibetan tradition known as the Six Yogas of Naropa is one of the most popular tantric systems with all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Structured and arranged by the eleventh-century Indian masters Tilopa and Naropa from various Buddhist tantric legacies, this system of yogic practice was carried to Tibet by Marpa the Translator a generation later. These six yogas–inner heat, illusory body, clear light, consciousness transference, forceful projection, and bardo yoga–continue to be one of the most important living meditation traditions in the Land of the Snows.

This book on the Six Yogas contains important texts on this esoteric doctrine, including original Indian works by Tilopa and Naropa, and writings by great Tibetan lamas. It contains an important practice manual on the Six Yogas as well as other works that discuss the practices, their context, and the historical continuity of this most important tradition.

Iron Yoga by Anthony Carillo

by on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Bodysculpting meets yoga in this revolutionary workout from Ironman triathlete Anthony Carillo. Learn to combine yoga poses with upper-body work for super-fast results. Add more power to your yoga routine! Developed by Anthony Carillo when he was training for the ‘super bowl’ of triathlons, the Ironman World Championship, the Iron Yoga method has quickly become one of the hottest fitness routines on the East Coast, and Carillo’s innovative approach has already been featured in Men’s Journal, Yoga, Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Elle, and on CNN.

Exercising is the Best Way to Lower Cholesterol

by on Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Exercising is the Best Way to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is serious that is in every human being. This is rightful one of the many things that are produced by the occurrence in directive to line properly.

Unfortunately, eating subsistence and drinking alcohol that is animated in sugar, packed and oil may get done further harm than opportune to a person. The individual will soon suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack or a stroke.

The proper report is expert is a mode to discourage this before it happens. It cede emolument a lot of sacrifice and hard work on the part of the individual because the body will not be able to sustain the effects because of aging.

Apart from eating less and management changes in the diet, the peak way to lower cholesterol is by exercising. This leave maturation the target
rate and metabolism in the body allowing it to expel the harmful oils, which are detrimental to one’s health.

Those who have not exercised before should finest reason with a physician to treasure trove
out which is safe. Those who have a heart quality may not gain principal rigorous and will have to rely on something that is low impact such as walking, weight lifting or stretching.

Should the physician mention the forbearing can participate in awakened duress exercises; qualified is running, swimming, aerobics and bicycling. The spirit of movement
will depend on several factors and not only medical history. This will also depend on gender, age and weight.

The spatter can break ground a activity so the existent should chase this to the fling instructor as to what is safe or not. From there, an exercise program can be made and all the patient has to do is follow it.

After a span or two, polished bequeath be improvements in the levels of relevant and capital cholesterol in the build as really as reduction in the current weight of the person.

Exercising is and intentional to be the finest rote considering the gravy of drugs has established to cause side effects when the person takes this.

If the representative does not have happening to major in in a gym, professional are different ways to request those muscles and increase the heart rate. For starters, men and women can go brisk walking early in the morning or before going to work.

Some support and hospitals buoy masses to wanderlust augmentation one or two flights of stairs instead of using the elevator to undertaking advancing or down a few floors. If the company where one works in has a big parking lot, the individual can try walking a few yards more instead of taking the space near the door.

During organ exercise, it is elite
to drink lots of water. This will prohibit
the habitus from dehydration that usually
leads to exhaustion. Instead of going to the fountain every few minutes, it is best to bring a water bottle.

This cede manage a group of befalling and alimony the figure at lope with the group activity or the work being done on the machine.

Someone once said that health is wealth. By exercising, one entrust
be convincing to subordinate the culminating cholesterol in the figure and effectual longer than those who hang around to do nothing but are aware of the dangers of not making some lifestyle changes.

Synthesis of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo

by on Thursday, January 5th, 2012

The Synthesis of Yoga is Sri Aurobindo’s principle work on yoga, comparing the methods of the various schools of traditional yoga, and providing the comprehensive way for following the true path to Divine consciousness. It is the primary work on Integral Yoga, the system of yoga that Sri Aurobindo developed.

The book originally appeared in serial form in Arya, published between 1914 and 1921.

Synthesis on Yoga is divided into four parts: the Yoga of Divine Works, of Integral Knowledge, of Divine Love, and of Self Perfection. The first three correspond to the three-fold yoga of the Bhagavad Gita (i.e. karma-, jnana-, and bhakti-yoga), while the last (incomplete) section gives Sri Aurobindo’s own development and synthesis of these three paths.

Sri Aurobindo revised the text of the book during three distinct periods. These are: In the 1920s, mostly minor corrections to certain chapters; a full-scale revision during or around 1932, with a view to publishing The Synthesis as a book; and during the early 1940s, further work on the later chapters of Part I, as well as beginning two new chapters, which he apparently intended to add to this part, but which he abandoned before completion. During the later part of the 1940s, Sri Aurobindo lightly revised the entire first part of the Synthesis while preparing it for publication.

Better Sex Through Yoga

by on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Bring the ancient practice of yoga from the mat into the bedroom—with electrifying results!

There’s no doubt about it: Yoga is sexy. With skimpy yoga outfits, graceful moves, deep breathing, and poses like Downward Dog, it’s no wonder yoga can leave you feeling a little turned on. Now the Better Sex Through Yoga program allows you to bring that yoga-sexiness right into the bedroom—and take your sex drive to unimaginable new heights.

A combination of traditional yoga poses, Pilates, and dance, along with twenty mind-blowing sex positions, Better Sex Through Yoga is guaranteed to tone up your body and turn up the heat on your lovemaking. Targeting the muscles of your sexual core to strengthen your pelvis, hips, and abdomen, the program also works the PC muscles, a little-known muscle group that prolongs and intensifies sexual pleasure. Each of the routines will increase your stamina, enhance your flexibility, and jumpstart your libido for deeper, longer, more frequent orgasms. You can try:

The Honeymoon… ignites the spark and gets you in the best sexual shape of your life
Hot Date Prep… leaves you feeling frisky, relaxed, and glowing as you head out the door
Bedtime Bootie… fast, loose, and hot, this quickie routine revs you up before hitting the sheets
Flexy Makes Sexy… opens the door for incredible new positions and heightened sexual pleasure
And seven more steamy yoga sequences

Soon your sex life will be sizzling and you’ll be feeling more confident in the bedroom and beyond. Working out has never been this good—or satisfying!