Free Carbohydrate and sugar diet

by Newlife on May 8th, 2008

I used to gain weight up to 12 kilos and I can lost 12 kilos that I gained within 3 months, what can I do? I stopped eating carbohydrate and sugar. It’s exactly the rule of Atkin, Atkin rule is that if you want to diet and lose weight, you have to stop eating carbohydrate and sugar because carbohydrate is the food nutrition which will give you the energy to do things but since you stop eating it, the body will use the fat in your body while you’re doing the activities instead.

The pros are that you can lose the weight very fast and I can eat some other things I want like steam chicken or anything except carbohydrate and sugar. But the cons are that I feel tired all the time, I feel like I have no energy and I walk like a zombie. Anyhow, after losing weight with the Atkin’s rule, you have to be careful not to come back and eat a lot of carbohydrate, otherwise you will gain weight back again very fast because your body hasn’t got the carbohydrate for long time, so they will absorb it and keep it to your body.

Anyway, many nutritionists claim that atkin’s rule is not good for health and they think diet is very easy by just not eating more calories than you’re losing it by doing activities.

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