Idiot’s Guide to Lowering Cholesterol

by Bibbi on February 19th, 2011

An easy-to-follow, medically proven plan to lower cholesterol.
Cardiologist Joseph Lee Klapper, M.D., gives an in-depth yet accessible explanation of cholesterol levels — and explores ways to lower them. Weighing the pros and cons of a variety of approaches, including a holistic approach, Western medications, natural remedies, and new methods on the horizon, he then takes you step-by-step through a medically proven plan for shedding cholesterol points.

-By 2010, the leading cuase of death worldwide will be heart disease, far greater than infections, AIDS, and other killers
-Explores many contemporary heart-smart diets and provides sample menus
-Important information about exercise, risk factors, statins and other Western cholesterol lowering medications; herbs, supplements, and natural remedies; and antioxidants, gene therapy, and new drugs

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