Lower Your Cholesterol

by Bibbi on February 16th, 2011

This updated edition includes contemporary health research, advice and information for preventing heart disease, plus “guaranteed” strategies to reduce cholesterol levels naturally. High cholesterol is recognized as a major risk factor for heart disease – but it is also one of the most manageable health problems. “The New 8 Week Cholesterol Cure” is easy to read and provides readers with a no-nonsense guide to the key health advice, as well as a wide range of cholesterol-lowering recipes so readers can put advice into practice. Features of the book include: explanation of the lipid profile – the different sorts of cholesterol – and how to avoid the worst offenders; presentation of the new supplements – with honest advice about which ones should be taken, regardless of how a diet might be; and the low-down on what’s smart for the heart – and what’s pure hype including aspirin, garlic, red wine and soy.

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