Pregnancy and Vegetarianism

by Newlife on June 12th, 2008

Although the Vegetarian diet has many health benefits such as lowering Cholesterol levels, it is important for every vegetarian to ensure that they are getting nutrients that they would otherwise get from meat, from somewhere else.

During pregnancy it is recommended that a woman increases her daily intake of protein, calcium, energy (calories) and vitamins and minerals. Since much of the average diet gains a large percentage of its protein from meat, poultry and fish, an expectant vegetarian mother will need to find alternative sources of this much needed nutrient.

If you are still worried that you may not be getting the nutrients that you need then you should consult your doctor. Strict vegetarians are often prescribed folic acid supplements, which aid the production of red blood cells and prevents against neural tube defects (e.g. spina bifida).

So which foods are high in protein other than meat, fish and poultry? Eggs, all nuts, peas, pulses and dried beans are all packed with protein so as long as you are eating four servings of these a day along with a balanced diet of calcium, calories, vitamins and minerals then you and your baby will be happy and healthy.

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